Must the creditor (business or person to whom the original debt is owed) notify me before
turning my account over to a collection agency?
The creditor generally is not required to let you know it's referring your account to a
collection agency.  There are rare exceptions to this rule.

Can I go to jail for non-payment of a debt?
No. You will not be arrested or placed in jail for non-payment of a debt

Does an agency have to accept partial payments?
No. There is nothing mandating a collector must accept anything less than full payment for
the owed debt. Each collector decides for themselves whether to accept partial payments.
This is an important discussion between you and the collector

As long as I am paying something every month, doesn't the collection agency have to take
my payment?
No. It is the collector's responsibility to recover the debts he is assigned and he can demand
full payment for the owed debt. However, many collectors do work out payment plans with
clearly defined terms of repayment.

Can a collection agency call me at work?
Yes, unless the debt collector knows or has reason to know that your employer prohibits you
from receiving such communication. If you are prohibited from being contacted at work,
inform the debt collector and provide an alternate telephone number where you may be
contacted to discuss the account.

Can a debt collector obtain my consumer report?
Yes. Under the federal Fair Credit Report Act, a consumer reporting agency may furnish a
consumer report on a consumer in connection with the collection of an account.