Mid-America has worked with over 500 clients since 1974.  We
are dedicated to helping our clients recover more of their
receivables at the lowest possible cost.  We are committed to
the highest level of client relations, utilizing innovative
technology and using the most effective collection practices.  
Mid-America has developed a full range of rate packages in
our thirty-seven years of doing business.  Our caring staff and
personal touch coupled with the latest technology and collection
strategies will bring added success to your company.
Improving consumer financial literacy is important for developing a
better working relationship between consumers, creditors, asset
buyers, and debt collectors. By educating consumers about financial
literacy and explaining their rights and obligations with respect to
paying an existing financial obligation, the credit and collection
industry is better able to serve the national economy. Please follow
the link below to check out Ask Doctor Debt.
Please visit our Contact Us page for further information.  No two businesses are the same,
so let us tailor a plan to meet your specific needs!